Physical Therapy in Cedarburg and Thiensville

FYZICAL® Therapy and Balance Centers (Northshore) provides physical therapy, occupational therapy, and specialized balance services in Ozaukee County and surrounding areas. Your care and rehabilitation is our top priority from the minute you enter either of our clinics located in Cedarburg and Thiensville.

Our specialized treatment programs include:

Sports Injuries

  • Whether you are a competitive or recreational athlete, when an injury occurs and you must refrain from your normal sports activity, we will help you get back in the game as quickly as possible. We treat sprains and muscle strains, tendon and ligament injuries, sports-specific injuries such as golfer’s shoulder, tennis elbow and runner’s knees, and foot and ankle injuries. We work to quickly alleviate your pain and start the healing process. Throughout your therapy, we will be conscious of increasing your range of motion and core stability. We will teach you how to build endurance and prevent the injury from occurring again.

Back and neck pain

  • When back and neck pain strike, our scientific approach allows us to move quickly to search for the cause and begin effective treatment immediately. With more than 90 percent of people impacted by back pain at some point in their lives, our goal is to keep it from becoming a chronic condition that dominates all parts of your life, your work and your recreational activities. With effective physical therapy from the start, surgery can often be avoided.

Repetitive strain injuries

  • Overuse of muscles and tendons, whether from repetitive work patterns or sports activities, can cause inflammation and pain. Physical therapy is effective in easing the pain and engaging the healing process, as well as preventing these repetitive strain injuries from recurring. We are experienced in treating carpal tunnel syndrome, gamer’s thumb and sports related injuries.

Pre and post-surgical rehabilitation

  • Patients who have the benefit of physical therapy both before and after joint replacement surgery have been found to make faster and more complete recoveries. Working closely with your physician and surgeon, we will custom-design a program to help you regain your strength and mobility and return to your normal level of activity as quickly as possible.

Work reconditioning

  • There are a number of factors to consider in returning to work after an injury, and the help of a physical or occupational therapist experienced in work reconditioning is a big factor in achieving this successfully. Working with your physician and Worker’s Compensation team, we will help you to regain your strength and build up after your injury to ensure your return to work is smooth and does not result in re-injury.

Functional Capacity Evaluations

  • Our two-hour Functional Capacity Evaluations determine the current level of disability of a patient. We take an objective, science-based approach to determine the level of healing and rehabilitation that has been accomplished, and what degree of treatment is still needed and what disability remains. Our evaluations can also help identify changes that may need to be made in a person’s work life. A detailed report is written following the evaluation.

Educational workshops

  • As part of our commitment to continuing education in the communities we serve, we offer ongoing educational programs on ways to prevent back injury, manage osteoporosis, learn fall prevention techniques, and pursue personal wellness. New topics are added regularly.

Personal, customized training programs

  • Our physical therapists will work with you to develop a total health and wellness plan that includes physiology, exercise and nutrition to help you achieve your personal fitness goals. We will devise ways to help you increase your endurance and strength, lose and maintain weight, and restore balance and mobility to your life.

Balance issues

  • Many conditions can cause balance issues, from neurological disorders to orthopedic conditions to malfunctioning of certain joints, muscles and nerves. Our physical therapists are specially trained in the diagnosis and treatment of balance issues that can result in falls and other injuries that seriously impact your quality of life. Our balance programs include assessment and evaluation, treatments to assist those with difficulty waking, gait training, fall prevention and balance retraining, and vestibular rehabilitation. FYZICAL® Thiensville installed a new Safety  Overhead Support (SOS) track and harness system designed to protect patients from falling during physical therapy balance and gait training. The system gives them the confidence to break through their barriers and attain new levels of function in a safe environment. The harness system is exclusive to FYZICAL® and enables patients to experience independence during gait and balance training that they have not felt before.
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