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"[FYZICAL®] has made me feel stronger to return to work. I feel a lot better and my movement has improved a lot. I would tell a friend or family member to go to FYZICAL® Therapy. The Physical Therapists are very good and caring." -Carlos P.

“After 15 years of some pain and loss of mobility in my left leg, I finally had my knee replaced in November of 2014. I did some PT then to relearn how to walk without a limp and take longer steps. After a couple of years, the leg still ached after an hour walk at the grocery store. One Sunday while playing the first 9 holes of golf, I suddenly could not bend over to tee the ball up on the second nine. After a week or so with no improvement, I went to see Dr. Shewczyk. We thought I pulled a leg muscle or there were still issues with my quad muscle from the knee replacement. He recommended FYZICAL®. At PT I met Elizabeth and we have been working on a plan of exercises and ultra-sound therapy. After about 7 or 8 sessions in November of 2016, I have improved quite well. I now can put my socks and shoes on without pain or discomfort. I can stand and lift my left leg up past 90 degrees. I can lift my left leg first and get in the shower. I can sit in a chair without stretching my leg out. I can get in the car to drive without rolling on my right hip to get in. I can walk in the grocery store for an hour and still get in the car with no pain. I can walk up and down the stairs without taking one step at a time. My length of stride has increased with no discomfort. Overall the quality of my life has improved 100% and hopefully my golf game.” -Dennis J.

 "First off this was an awesome experience - the staff was very helpful. My pain level was at a 10 and after coming here it's a 2. I'm very thankful to Northshore FYZICAL® Therapy. Because of them I am now ready to start working out again." -Danirees B.      

"My experience was awesome! :) Before my therapy I could not move my right first finger due to an infection caused by a rose thorn. Surgery was scheduled and the pus was removed and I was put on medication to insure the infection was completely gone. PT was started within days of surgery. After 5 weeks of PT I feel GREAT. The staff, Elizabeth and Abbey, were WONDERFUL :)" -Karen M.

"Waking up in the morning with ankle pain - what a way to start the day!! PT at FYZICAL® has eliminated the pain due to the stretching, massage and ultra sound therapy along with the exercises and heat that I do at home. Swelling is down almost to nothing. It's nice that my ankles don't swell up at the end of the day. Thanks!!" -Janice R.

"Before it hurt to get out of bed and to even move at my normal pace. Now I can light jog, sprint, and shoot hoops. Coming to therapy has helped and I am glad that I came. Hopefully in a few more weeks I will be 100%! For me to have such an odd injury (groin) I think that I am coming along very well." -Joshua G.

"This has been a godsend. Elizabeth & Abbey have worked miracles. I came here with a pain level of 8 and now it's a 1. I love to walk and was averaging 10,000 or more steps daily. With my bursitis flaring up and what Elizabeth and Abbey found to be a tight IT band, I had to stop walking. I'm now slowly building strength and steps again. Hearts to Northshore FYZICAL®!" -Jaqueline M.

"Gaining confidence! I am able to walk faster and am beginning to walk a flight of stairs. I am now more aware and need to move around and sit up rather than slouching. Really appreciate the encouragement and care received from staff. Best of all I feel younger. Another benefit - lower blood pressure and reduced medication." -Dolores J.

"My back pain has decreased significantly - I am able to life some heavier weight without pain. My neck pain has also decreased significantly - I can now check my blind spots when driving with no pain. I can sit longer with no back pain. My headache has also decreased significantly. I have infrequent headaches which can be relieved with Ibuprofen - before, Ibuprofen did not releive the headaches." -Prudence H.

"I have had so many things done on my neck and shoulders, and finally feel good. Elizabeth was super good at changing my treatment each time and gave me much relief, and now I exercise a lot." -Kay T.

"I am doing fine and am in the process of getting off Advil altogether. I do the exercises you started me on every morning, which seems to help my staying pain-free. Thank you for your kind offer to allow me to contact you if and when the need arises in the future." -Jim L.

"I am much more flexible, and in less pain than when I started. I think if I keep up the stretches, eventually my long term hamstring issue will go away. PT is a great way to improve your injury and help your mobility. I was very pleased with the hands on approach to reducing the tightness and knots in my muscles. Elizabeth takes the time that's required to get the job done. This is also a very friendly, welcoming place where you can comfortably work through your physical limitations. I've very much enjoyed my time at FYZICAL®. They have become friends as well as therapists. Thank you very much for your help. I feel I am moving in the right direction." -Thomas M.

“I’d been suffering what turned out to be a rotator cuff tear for several months, thinking it would get better. I finally saw my doctor and he recommended PT with Northshore. As a result of PT I have gained back the strength and mobility in my shoulder and arm. I will continue to improve as I will follow the program outlined for me. I’m very happy as a result of my therapy.” -Ellen L.

“I specifically liked the flexible schedule and friendly staff.” -Dawn K.

“Staff was very personable, friendly and welcoming.” -Steve M.

"The staff was wonderful.  Ann in particular.  Don was a great therapist, not only his techniques for my therapy but his gentle kind manner." - Judy R.

"I could barely walk when I started and after 6 visits I am Pain Free and have the knowledge to stay that way!! Thanks a million!!" -Margaret G.

"Very good! Ann J knows her trade and has great communication!" -Ron B.

"The receptionist, the doctor, and everyone here was very attentive, polite, and understanding.  I had a great time here and look forward to my next visit.  Thank you so much your customer service is excellent!" -LaQuinta

"Northshore Physical Therapy helped me by decreasing the pain and allowing me to enjoy the activities I like.  Everyday the pain went away more and more and now it feels like I never had any problems to begin with. THANK YOU!" -Jessica

Thanks for helping me with my back pain, I can now play volleyball without pain" -Rebecca

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