How to Naturally Treat Back Pain and Sciatica

Upcoming Classes: Saturday March 24th or April 28th

Time: Both offered at 10:00am

All Atendees will receive a FREE copy of the Top 10 Burning Questions for Sciatica Suffers

Location: Thiensville Fyzical Therapy and Balance Center 136 N. Main St. Ste 308 Thiensville WI

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FYZICAL® Workshops

Pregnancy Workshop

Start the New Year with knowledge and join us for a talk on Pregnancy featuring Dr. Lauren Zokan of EPIC Family Chiropractic and Dr. Elizabeth Threasher of FYZICAL Therapy & Balance Centers Northshore!

Discussion will involve common conditions in pregnancy and advice on having your most healthy and comfortable pregnancy. Physical Therapist Elizabeth Threasher, PT, DPT, WCC, who is pregnant herself, will go over safe exercises to support a healthy pregnancy, and Chiropractor Lauren Zokan, D.C., will explain the Webster’s Technique involving the positioning of the baby in the womb.

Low Leg Foot & Ankle Workshop

Discussion will involve walking mechanics and information on available surgical procedures. Holistic healing techniques such as manual therapy will be discussed; myofascial release vs. soft tissue mobilization, joint mobilization, and neuromuscular reeducation. Workshop includes our approach to footwear.

Back Pain: Stenosis and Sciatica Workshop

Address the problem of back pain and discover options to relieve pain naturally without medications, injections, or surgery so that you can Love Your Life!

  • What is the cause of my pain?
  • Do I need surgery?
  • I can relieve the pain with medications, but are there other alternatives?
  • What role does exercise play in resolving back pain?
  • Why is there pain in my leg?
  • What can I do at home to help my back pain?
  • How can I prevent my back pain from recurring?
  • What do Physical Therapists offer to help relieve my pain?

Balance Improvement Workshop

Take a stand to prevent older adult falls! Find out ways to discover if you may have a balance problem, and why you should act to improve your balance.

  • Have you lost your balance or have you fallen recently?
  • Do you often experience light-headedness or dizziness?
  • Are you taking more than 4 prescription medications?
  • Do you feel confident that you will not fall?
  • Do you regularly practice exercises to improve your balance?


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