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Patient Testimonials
  • Rebecca ..
    3 months ago
    “Thanks for helping me with my back pain, I can now play volleyball without pain.”
  • Jessica ..
    3 months ago
    “Northshore Physical Therapy helped me by decreasing the pain and allowing me to enjoy the activities I like. Everyday the pain went away more and more and now it feels like I never had any problems to begin with. THANK YOU!”
  • LaQuinta ..
    3 months ago
    “The receptionist, the doctor, and everyone here was very attentive, polite, and understanding. I had a great time here and look forward to my next visit. Thank you so much your customer service is excellent!”
  • Ron B.
    3 months ago
    “Very good! Ann J knows her trade and has great communication!”
  • Margaret G.
    3 months ago
    “I could barely walk when I started and after 6 visits I am Pain Free and have the knowledge to stay that way!! Thanks a million!!”
  • Judy R.
    3 months ago
    “The staff was wonderful. Ann in particular. Don was a great therapist, not only his techniques for my therapy but his gentle kind manner.”
  • Steve M.
    3 months ago
    “Staff was very personable, friendly and welcoming.”
  • Dawn K.
    3 months ago
    “I specifically liked the flexible schedule and friendly staff.”
  • Ellen L.
    3 months ago
    “I’d been suffering what turned out to be a rotator cuff tear for several months, thinking it would get better. I finally saw my doctor and he recommended PT with Northshore. As a result of PT I have gained back the strength and mobility in my shoulder and arm. I will continue to improve as I will follow the program outlined for me. I’m very happy as a result of my therapy.”
  • Thomas M.
    3 months ago
    “I am much more flexible, and in less pain than when I started. I think if I keep up the stretches, eventually my long term hamstring issue will go away. PT is a great way to improve your injury and help your mobility. I was very pleased with the hands on approach to reducing the tightness and knots in my muscles. Elizabeth takes the time that's required to get the job done. This is also a very friendly, welcoming place where you can comfortably work through your physical limitations. I've very much enjoyed my time at FYZICAL. They have become friends as well as therapists. Thank you very much for your help. I feel I am moving in the right direction.”

Northshore FYZICAL Therapy & Balance Centers, providing physical therapy, occupational therapy, and specialized balance services in Ozaukee County and north of Milwaukee, is distinguished for its science-based approach to care.

We are a general orthopedics clinic, but as the only FYZICAL Center in Wisconsin, we also offer special expertise in balance therapy, treating patients with concussions, vestibular issues, dizziness and vertigo.

Our full range of services include everything from sports rehabilitation to job site assessments. We also offer a specialized Functional Capacity Evaluation service.

We know that when you contact us, you are in pain from an injury, surgery or chronic condition. We respond quickly, and we will schedule your first appointment within one business day. We also offer, by appointment, free 15 minute screenings so you will know without any obligation if we believe we can help you.

We offer two clinics to serve you, one in Cedarburg and one in Thiensville. As such, our focus is on providing quality physical therapy and balance services to residents of Ozaukee County as well as in other surrounding areas north of Milwaukee.